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Today, after almost 40 years of working with product safety and quality in Glunz & Jensen, Torben Wittrock, Quality Officer at Glunz & Jensen leaves for early retirement.

During his time at Glunz & Jensen, Torben has ensured that 40 product platforms (more than 200,000 machines) have met the legal safety requirements.

Torben began working as an electrician in Glunz & Jensen, and his first project was the MultiLine 45 film processor. This machine was the first in Glunz & Jensen's history to be UL approved for the US market. This was the beginning of Torben´ s passion for developing machines that comply with the legal requirements.
Until 1995 Torben worked in the R&D department, alongside building up the company´s knowledge base in UL safety requirements.

As the CE Marking became mandatory in 1995, the need for two full-time positions arose. This automatically made Torben a full-time Quality Officer. In the years to come, Torben built up a very large knowledge-base, together with OEMs like Kodak, 3M, Agfa and Heidelberg. This meant that Torben Wittrock was invited to be part of the Standardization Committee in Danish Standard & UL, and thus has had an influence on the legislations that exist today.

Torben Wittrock says: "The laws have been created to ensure that people, the environment and buildings are not damaged by e.g. fires from non-compliance machines. People often see me as the annoying police officer only because we in our everyday life often forget how important it is to comply with these requirements. Ultimately, it may endanger human life if we are too loose meeting the requirements while busy launching new products."

"There have been many facets in my work life. Beyond the strictly legal side, it's important to be able to talk with customers and colleagues and make them work in that direction that is needed to secure our common products."

Finally Torben says: "It has been a fantastic opportunity working in Glunz & Jensen over the years. I have met many great people in both Glunz & Jensen as well as in the industry. I thank each and every one for making my work life worthwhile - and maybe we'll meet some day."

Torben´s motto: Compliance is expensive. Non-compliance is even more expensive.

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